Adam Burdess Fusee pocket watch

Eye catching 19th century fusee pocket watch with exceptional solid silver dial. Fine quality with compensated bimetallic balance and hefty red rubies. Made in 1879 by Adam Burdess. Scroll down to read more about this eyecatcher!

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A superb silver fusee men’s pocket watch by Adam Burdess.

The pocket watch features an attractive solid silver dial with gold Roman hour indicators. Also a detailed floral engraving around the hand shaft.
The magnified photos show the detailed decorations of this model.

The silver case shows few signs of wear. Sturdy lids which close properly.

The watch originates from the city of London and was made in the year 1879. (Year letter D)

The high-quality movement features subtle engravings and multiple large rubies. The screwed-in balance is a high-quality attachment and shows the attention to detail with which this watch was made.

The pocket watch has a small silver chain and a fun antique winding key.

Additional information


Silver with gold accents


Adam Burdess


Thin silver chain and antique key


Sterling Silver


Key wound


124 grams