Hour/Quarter Repeater Verge Fusee from Masson á Paris

Stunning early verge fusee with quarter repeating movement from 1780s! Made by Masson in Paris with an unusual design compared to other French striking movements from that era. Scroll down to read more about this hard to find piece.




Stunning pocket watch in heavy and large execution.

The white enamel dial has black Roman hour indication with some wear here and there as you can see on the pictures. The minute hand is believed to be replaced at some point.

Large solid silver casing with some pretty interesting hallmarks such as a detailed lobster in the pendant as well as a makers mark in the case back. The case shows little wear without any big dents or annoying scratches.

When opening the case and looking at the movement we find what is so interesting about this piece.
The repeating movement, made of high quality, clearly has some English influence showing in the design and thickness of the timepiece. Very detailed balance bridge and marked by its maker Masson at No.185

The movement runs and winds well, ticks with a clear tick and repeats the hours and quarters when pushing down the top lever. Comes with winding key.

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Additional information


Masson á Paris


Key wound






58mm / 74mm


104 Grams