Large Fusee J Blackmore Start/Stop Function 1824

Heavy solid timepiece from the English maker J Blackmore with start/stop lever. Produced in 1824 making this one of the earliest fusee watches without verge escapement. With silver chain and superb antique winding key. Scroll down to read more about this early bird!



The white enamel dial with black Roman hour indication shows no cracks or flaws. Gold ‘spade’ shaped set of hands and a big decentralized seconds hand.

The sturdy case is heavy and big. Plain case model with an personal engraving from the (most likely) owner of the pocket watch. The London hallmarks tell us the watch was produced back in 1824 (hallmark i).

The high pillared fusee movement is signed by its maker J Blackmore. Big balance with a diamond endstone. Original dust cover still present after nearly two centuries.

This pocket watch is equipped with a for these models unusual start/stop mechanism. By simply sliding the small black lever between the nine and ten hour position underneath the front lid you can start or stop the movement.

This pocket watch comes with a modest silver chain, silver fob and 19th century winding key.

Additional information


J Blackmore


Sterling Silver


Key wound


52mm / 61mm


175 Grams