Heavy (201g) Verge Fusee Pair Cased Pocket Watch 1846

This 200 gram unit from 1846 is, in our opinion, a great add of value to any pocket watch collectors collection because of its size. Even amongst repeaters and gold pieces this thick and sturdy piece will stand out. Scroll down to read more about this Goliath.



Great overall condition. White enamel dial with Roman hour indication shows little flaws. A like new antique ‘bulls-eye’ glass and an original set of gold ‘spades’ hands present.

The outer silver case is in remarkable good condition without any dents or deep scratches. Holding this piece in you hands is almost a full hand considering its size and weight. The inner silver case shows a bit more wear but still in great shape. A silver turning plate to stop any dust from coming near the movement.

The verge fusee movement has a ‘troll’ face engraved on the balance bridge like many other examples from the first have of the 19th century. The movement winds and ticks smoothly, just like all the pocket watches we offer. The fusee chain winds down completely until the trapeze is fully empty.
Comes with winding key.

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61mm / 74mm


201 Grams