Max Cohen Doctors Chronograph Pocket Watch

A heavy (182 grams) sturdy doctors central seconds pocket watch. One of the larger pieces we have ever had in superb condition. Scroll down to read more about this doctors watch!



An English large and solid silver fusee doctors chronograph men’s pocket watch made by Max cohen from Manchester.

The pocket watch is in a beautiful condition. The white enamel dial with black Roman numerals is completely flawless. The dial has a 0-300 scale for the doctor to check the patients heartbeat.

The case and case back are elegant and classically designed with a ‘coin edge’ and double stepped case.
All lids and pendant are marked sterling silver. The sturdy lids close well.

The chain-driven fusee movement runs smoothly with a solid tick. Signed by its maker Max Cohen and jeweled with multiple adjusted rubies. The start/stop function works fine. Watch comes with a winding key.

Additional information


Max Cohen


Sterling Silver


60mm / 71mm




182 Grams