Silver Large Alarm Pocket Watch 1880s

Great silver pocket watch made in France with alarm function with hammer on a gong. Nicely engraved heavy and large silver case. Not to easy to find a large alarm function pocket watch from this ear with a gong system. Scroll down to read more about this pocket watch.




The white enamel dial with black Roman hour indication and Arabic minutes indication has a sub dial showing the hand and hours on which the alarm function will ring. Making so much noise you will definitely wake up from this 1880 mechanism! A small crack but nevertheless in very good shape.
Fancy gold hands.

The heavy silver case is engraved with two lions holidng an empty coat of arms shield with a crown on top.
The inner lid shows all the different winding axis and their function. Both lids are silver and close tightly.

The movement is quality made and shows little dirt or discoloration. Winds an runs smoothly, the alarm function works perfect. A long and loud hammer ringing the gong on the set sub dial time. If you would like to see a video of the alarm function in action please let us know.
Comes with winding key.


Additional information


58mm / 69mm


134 Grams






Key wound