24-Hour Indication Fusee Pocket Watch

English pocket watch collectors, rare birds seekers and fusee movement enthusiasts; bring this one home. Want to know why this watch has this uncommon type of dial? Scroll down to read more about this particular piece!




Why make a pocket watch with an hour hand that rotates 360 degrees in 24 hours instead of 12?

This feature is originally made for the ones that have little contact with the light of the sun, work by long shifts, or who tend to travel and need to check time in different timezones. There are different professions who could use a pocket watch like this. Think about miners, submariners, scientists, astronomers, military in general, any kind of pilot, world travelers and astronauts (not likely in the 19th century but okay). The number of people who would actually need a 24 hour indication pocket watch back in 1885 was very very small. That is the reason not many of these are around. Let alone in a condition like this.

The white enamel dial shows no flaws that are worth to mention. The gold set of hands is different from other 24-hour pocket watches. The hour hand is double sided so you could easily read how late it would be on the opposite side of the world (the ‘spade’ type side).

This watch is with 145 grams quite a heavy piece. The lids are sturdy and close tightly as they should. The case has a fine detailed engraving with a plain coat of arms shield centered on the case back. The London hallmarks tell us this pocket watch was produced in 1885 (stamp K).

The fusee movement is clean and made of high quality with different adjusted rubies and a hand engraved balance bridge. Original dust cover is present. Comes with winding key.


Additional information



Sterling Silver


Key wound


52mm / 61mm


145 Grams