Bovet Mono-Rattrapante ‘Clamshell’ Tropical Ref. 5347


This particular example is fitted with an undeniable stunning tropical multi-colored and multi-scale dial which acquainted a rare tropical yellow homogenous patina.
The dial has acquainted this warm subtle colour throughout the past 80 years, working extremely well together with the red and blue Tachy- and Telemetre scale and the well aged luminous Arabic hour markers and luminous blued steel ’syringe’ hands. The dial/hands both pass the geigerteller and UV-check with flying colors, confirming its unrestored originality. Scroll down to read more about this watch.



Attractive and rare Bovet ‘Mono-Rattrapante’ chronograph wristwatch from the 1940s.

Not only does the dial make this piece stand out, but the case also sets it apart. The watch features a rare ‘Clam-shell’ case, ensuring its water resistance. The two-piece case (as opposed to the more common three-piece design) remains in good condition, showing the typical signs of use expected from an 80-year-old watch. Studio lighting in the photographs highlights all nicks and scratches, providing an accurate representation.
The pictures give a good idea of its attractive and honest vintage condition.

The enthralling Valjoux 84 first production was in 1936, with the discontinuation in 1950. Interestingly, this specific caliber was made solely for the brand Bovet Frères & Co.Other brands later adopted the same caliber, but it was Bovet that propelled Valjoux to innovate a completely new construction in the form of caliber 84.
The top button is used to start, stop and reset the chronograph hand.
The chronograph hand, whilst running, can be ‘paused’ by holding the lower chronograph pusher. When released, the hand will jump to where it woud have been, allowing the operator of the chronograph to measure multiple intervals.
The movement/rattrapante work well and keeps accurate timing.

Later strap/buckle.

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Yellow / Tropical


Valjoux 84




Stainless Steel