Chopard Rare Lapis Lazuli Diamond White Gold Cocktail Watch


Sublime eye-catching cocktail watch by Chopard. This exceptional piece is fitted with an intriguing gemstone Lapis Lazuli dial and is housed in a 92 diamonds set 18 carat white gold case. Scroll down to read more about this timepiece.



Lapis Lazuli is known for its deep blue color combined with mesmerizing flakes and spots of ‘gold’ and ‘silver’ (lapis Lazuli is often found together with calcite (which shows as the white veins/flakes in the stone, and pyrite resulting in the gold like veins/flakes). This example features a pyrite infused gold flaked dial. Absolutely stunning composition giving this watch an almost ocean like appearance. The gemstone is mainly extracted from Afghanistan mines. Cool fact to know that every lapis lazuli dial is unique on its own.

The watch remains in superb condition with an immaculate dial without any cracks whatsoever. The excentric white gold case shows little wear indicating this watch has not been worn much throughout its life.
Original signed Chopard winding crown.

The high grade movement is set with 17 jewels and runs with a great amplitude and fine accuracy.

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25,5mm / 26,5mm


Lapis Lazuli


18K White Gold / Diamonds




Hand Wound