Exceptional Grande Sonnerie Repeating Golay Leresche

A unique outstanding petite et grande sonnerie with quarter repeater and eight day movement A. Golay Leresche & fils pocket watch in 346 gram stingray leather covered silver case. This is not something you come across easily… Scroll down to read more about this museum piece!




A truly amazing timepiece.

This pocket watch features multiple extraordinary features. Lets start with the case; One of the heaviest pieces we have ever come across. The 0.935 silver case has very thick lids. The front and back of the caseĀ  are both covered in green stringray leather. Something very rare which was uncommonly used on verge fusee pocket watches from the 1700s.

The finishing on the dial and the hands is of the higher standards. Gorgeous steel blued set of hands.

The movement is of superb quality. When opening the front cover there are two levers to be found operating the so called sonnerie function. You can either set the movement on ‘silence’ or ‘sonnerie’, and you can choose to set a ‘petitie’, or ‘grande’ sonnerie.

For those who do not know what a sonnerie complication means, here’s a quick explanation on the movement; the crown can be wound both ways, right to wind the movement and left to wind the spring barrel which powers the sonnerie. As time passes, the sonnerie function will activate the repeating mechanism automatically every 15 minutes to tell the time by chimes on two gongs (hours and quarters).
Just like a grandfather’s clock. The big difference is that you can hold this watch in the palm of your hand.

The watch is issued by Golay Leresche et Fils. A company with a close relationship with Audemars Piguet.
The condition of the watch is absolutely flawless. It was most likely made in commision for a wealthy gentleman and once completed the watch probably has not seen much daylight ever since.

To give an idea on how complicated and rare these movements are I will elaborate the PP sonnerie pocket watch. The Patek Philippe grande sonnerie pocket watch was first completed in 1915, but only sold half a century later in 1964. In the meantime the movement received several prices at the Geneva Observatory competitions. Fun fact, that actual Patek sonnerie pocket watch was prepared and regulated for the contest by J. Golay-Audemars.
There were less than 10 pieces made because the watch would be so much more expensive compared to a regular repeating pocket watch and therefore didn’t sell well.

Additional information


A.Golay Leresche & Fils


Sterling Silver




Manual wind


76mm / 102mm


346 Grams