Exceptional J Ullman 18K Enamel Repeater London

‘Fortis Cadere Cedere Non Protest’; an exceptional quarter repeater from the English maker J Ullman. Scroll down to read more about this rare enamel repeater from the highest standards.








Exceptional quarter repeater from the English maker J Ullman.

The condition of this timepiece is near mint.
An immaculate dial, no dents or deep scratches to the case, unblemished movement and an undamaged blue enamel figure and monogram.

The movement is of the highest standards with woolf-tooth winding gears, fully jeweled movement and faceted hammers.

The movement ticks and winds like it should.
The sound of the repeater is strong with a nice pace and clear tones.

The 18 carat gold savonet case has two deep blue enamel engravings. One side shows a figure with the Latin line; ‘Fortis Cadere Cedere Non Protest’ (the brave may fall but cannot yield).
The back side of the watch shows a stunning monogram with the letters M G C W.






Additional information


J Ullman


51mm / 61mm


White Enamel


18 carat yellow gold




102 Grams