Hepting & Furderer 18K Quarter Repeater

Superb high quality quarter repeater made by Hepting & Furderer from London. Not to often you see a three-quarter plate repeater, but when you do, you know the quality is of high standards. Scroll down to read more.





The white enamel dial has black Roman hour indication and a decentralized seconds hand. Stunning blued steel ‘spade’ hands.
The dial shows an almost invisible hairline crack at the edge.

The full 18 carat gold case is hallmarked four times. Both lids close tightly and show minor dents and scratches.

The three-quarter plate movement is fully jeweled with adjusted big red rubies. Very clean movement that winds and runs like it should.
The repeater hits clear and strong tones on the hours and quarters.

The condition of this watch is superb which can only be fully enjoyed whilst holding the timepiece in your hand and hearing the repeating mechanism with your own ears. On request we can send you a video of the repeater in action.



Additional information


Hepting & Furderer


18 carat yellow gold




50mm / 61mm


109 Grams