Lefebre et Fils a Paris Quarter Repeater

Mesmerizing quarter repeater made from the highest standards by Lefebre et Fils from Paris. Not too often you see a solid gold anchor gear. Scroll down to read more.




Classic white enamel dial with long black Roman hour indication, Arabic minute indication and a decentralized seconds hand.
The white enamel dial is completely flawless, no hairlines, cracks or faults to be found.

The heavy 18 carat yellow gold case has a stunning engraved monogram of the letter E & D.
A slide band repeater mechanism on the right side of the case. No dents or deep scratches anywhere on the case with all lids closing tightly.

This quarter repeating movement is from outstanding quality. The anchor wheel is made of solid old which you certainly don’t see often. Other features showing the high quality finishing of this movement are the wolf teeth winding gears, fully jeweled elegant bridges and facetted repeater hammers.
The movement is as clean as it gets running with great accuracy and and perfectly working repeating mechanism striking clear tones.


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Lefebre et Fils


18 carat yellow gold






93 Grams