Musical Repeater Verge Fusee Pocket Watch

This mechanical marvel from two decades ago can be considered a true grail for any serious pocket watch collector. This quarter repeating pocket watch with musical complication playing every hour is not something you come across often. Scroll down to read more about this watch.



The condition of this rare timepiece is extraordinary. The full solid gold dial is untouched, showing no flaws anywhere. The black niello Roman hour indication is present in full without any damage or parts of lettering missing. Original thin steel blued Breguet hands.

The typical 1800s Swiss/French 18 carat gold case shows very little wear throughout. Stunning ‘guilloche’ pattern which is still incredibly crisp telling us this pocket watch has not been worn much throughout the last two centuries. The inner lid shows two winding options; one for the movement and one for winding the musical complication.

The movement has been checked by our watchmaker, running good with all functions working like they should. Clear tones on the hour repetition as well as the quarters.

With 25 (!) different tones this pocket watch excels from its peers. High pitched as well as very low pitched tones play together forming a lovely little orchestra right in the palm of your hand.
Video’s of the watch chiming and its musical function can be send upon request.

Comes with a gold plated pocket watch chain.

Additional information


57mm / 70mm


18 carat yellow gold




Key wound


124 grams