Omega Coin Watch ‘USA Liberty 20 Dollars’ – Ref. 111.1777

Extremely rare and hard to find; an all original and unrestored golden 20 Dollar Liberty USA coin watch by Omega. These coin watches have experienced an astounding uprising in today’s vintage watch market by demand and value. Very few examples have surfaced the market in the past decades. Manufactured by Omega in 1965 as part of a limited series comprising only 300 pieces, this coin watch stands as a rare illustration of the Swiss watchmaking sector’s prowess in both exquisite horology and inventive incorporation of vintage elements. Scroll down to read more about this watch.



The watch, after 58 years, remains in almost new condition. The coin has never been polished, indicated by the sharpness of the detailed ribbed coin edge. The secret lever has been incredible well incorporated becoming alsnog invisible to the naked eye. The front lid will jump open when the lever is pushed.
The only flaw we find is the touched 9’o clock position on the face side of the coin which had been tried to open by someone who didn’t know the construction of this timepiece.Even after 58 years, the watch retains an almost pristine state. The coin’s original luster endures, evident from the crispness of its intricately ribbed edge. The discreetly integrated secret lever has been masterfully designed to be imperceptible to the naked eye. Depressing the lever causes the front lid to spring open. The sole imperfection we observe is found to the 9 o’clock position on the ‘head’ side of the coin, where an attempt was made to open the coin by someone unfamiliar with the timepiece’s construction.

This coin watch is powered by the ultra thin Omega Cal. 700 movement (Ebauche Frederic Piguet Cal. 21)
Cal. 21 is hand wound and has a power reserve of 42 hours. It is a 20.4 mm diameter movement and just 1.75 mm thick. It has 18 jewels. The movement originally oscillated at 18,000 A/h but later versions were boosted to 21,600 A/h.

The coin watch is accompanied by a stunning and very rare vintage Hermes presentation box.

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35,4 Grams


BA 111.1763


21K Yellow Gold (Coin), 18K Yellow Gold (Watch)