Omega Speedmaster ‘Ultraman’ with Extract of Archives Ref. 145.012-67

We firmly believe that this Omega Speedmaster ‘Ultraman’ example is the finest option currently available in todays watch market.
Examining the excellent state of this sought-after timepiece, combined with the ‘Ultraman’ Omega Extract of Archives authentication, we are thrilled to present this watch to you. Scroll down to read more about this piece.




Omega Speedmaster ‘Ultraman’ Ref. 145.012 from 1968.

As you probably already know, the nickname ‘Ultraman originates from a Japanese TV-show. Although some collectors think Omega produced this specific model especially for Japanese collectors, the orange chronograph hand fitted model was made long before its appearance in the series “Return of Ultraman” ((帰ってきたウルトラマン, Kaettekita Urutoraman).

It is unknown how many examples from the 145.012-67 actually got fitted with this special orange chronograph hand and all estimations are speculations as Omega did not confirm any rumors.

The mat black dial with sunken chronograph sub-registers shows an attractive brownish lume colour with some of the markers showing a tiny bit of natural loss here and there. The superb dial shows no spots or damages of any kind. All spots visible in the pictures are dust particles or superficial scratches on the (original) crystal.

The original ‘Dot Over Ninety’ (DON) bezel remains in exceptionally good condition indicating this piece has not been worn much throughout its life. The highly sought-after bezel is completely free from any chips or cracks.

The case of the watch (sides and case back) show to have been slightly polished somewhere in the past. this is done in a minimal matter (case back logo still clearly visible) but still worth noting. Original winding crown and pushers present.

The Cal. 321 movement with serial 26.076.XXX fits perfectly in the Speedmaster ‘Ultraman’ range. The movement is clean and has been checked by our watchmaker. Runs with fine accuracy and comes with a 12 month guarantee on mechanical defects.

The original ref. 1039 flatlink bracelet with correct 516 end links is rightly dated to the third quarter of 1967.
Perfect working spring links on both sides of the clasp with very little stretch to the bracelet.

The watch is accompanied by a 1960s correct Omega box and the Extract of Archives indicting the watch was delivered to Switzerland and sold on the 24th of June 1968.

Please note that we handle a 24 hour purchase/shipment processing policy as all our watches are located in a bank safe.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, require more pictures/information or if you would like to know our guarantee and return policy.

We thank you in advance for your interest in our beloved watches here in Amsterdam.


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Stainless Steel




Cal. 321

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