Piaget Lapis Lazuli Gents Dress Watch In Yellow Gold

Exceptional Gentlemen wristwatch by the top Swiss brand Piaget. Want to learn more about the Lapid Lazuli stone dial? Scroll down and learn its interesting features.



This watch features a stunning stone so called ‘Lapis Lazuli’ dial.
Lapis Lazuli is known for its deep blue color combined with mesmerizing flakes and spots of ‘gold’ and ‘silver’ (lapis Lazuli is often found together with calcite (which shows as the white veins/flakes in the stone, and pyrite resulting in the gold like veins/flakes). This example features a pyrite infused gold flaked dial. Absolutely stunning composition giving this watch an almost ocean like appearance. The gemstone is mainly extracted from Afghanistan mines. Cool fact to know that every lapis lazuli dial is unique on its own.

The condition of the watch is good. The heavy and strong 18K yellow gold case has three edges in depth, by some called a ‘pyramid’ case. We decided to not polish this watch, some superficial scratches here and there but nothing unusual.

Stunning gold facetted dauphine hands to go along with the matte gold signature by Piaget.

Comes with original 18K solid gold buckle.
Box and leather strap are later additions.

Please note we handle an 24 hour purchase/shipment processing policy as all our watches are located in a bank safe.

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Lapis Lazuli


31mm / 31mm


18K Yellow Gold