Quarter Repeater with Hidden Lever Pocket Watch

Sublime large and heavy pocket watch from the 1840s in exceptional condition. Cool hidden lever repeater on this gorgeous example from the first half of the 19th century. Scroll down to read more about this watch.



The uncommon and eye-catching silver ‘guilloche’ dial has a fine pattern in the midst of the dial, followed by a smooth band with black niello Roman numerals.
The thin and long original blued steel ‘Breguet’ hands are a treat for the eye.

The 18K gold case has a stunning design with a ‘guilloche’ style engraving, just like the dial.
Both lids are strong and made of solid gold. The warm rosé gold color is less likely to be used for the cases of these 1820’s repeaters from Switzerland, as many were made in yellow gold.

Another nice and uncommon aspect from this watch is the hidden lever to operate the repeater function. (see pictures 3 & 4)
On top of the pendant sits a button which can be pulled out. Then, after turning the lever a quarter turn, the hidden lever can be pushed down to start the quarter repeater function.

The Cylinder movement is clean and winds/runs smoothly. Striking blued steel screws merging beautifully with the gold movement bridges.
The repeater function works perfectly with clear tones on both the hours as the quarters. A video of the watch chiming can be send upon request.

This watch comes with an antique pocket watch winding key.

Additional information


55mm / 64mm


18K Rosé Gold




Key wound


98 grams