Quarter Repeater ‘Wolf Tooth’ Pocket Watch

Superb quality on this 1900s gun metal quarter repeater. Repeaters come in all sorts of different qualities. This one, looking at the movement, is one of those high quality pieces. Why gunmetal? Because it simply looks amazing. Scroll down to read more about this one.



This 1900s pocket watch with hour and quarter repeating mechanism contains in great shape.
The white enamel dial with Roman hour and Arabic minutes indication looks great, with one hairline crack which is hardly visible. Great characteristic feel with the fancy gold hands, gold repeating slider on the right side and gold plated bow.

Quite uncommon to see a gun metal case with movements that are made of such quality. Nevertheless a strong and sturdy example. A monogram of two J’s is engraved on the case back. Both lids close tightly.

As you can see on the pictures the movement is made of very high quality with big red rubies, a wolf tooth winding mechanism and steel brushed hammers. As well as the movement as the repeating complication there are now flaws to be found. Ticks smoothly and repeats with clear tones.
A video of the repeating mechanism in action can be send upon request.

Additional information


Gun Metal




47mm / 58mm


75 grams