Rare 12 Hour Chronograph High Quality Pocket Watch

A very rare pocket watch with chronograph function. This pocket watch does not only show the minutes recorded by the chronograph but also the full hours meaning this pocket watch was made for those who were required to time very long intervals, most likely because of someone’s job (mariner, observatory etcetera). Scroll down to learn more about this chronograph.



Not to be mistaken with a ‘normal’ chronograph, this high quality piece times to 1/5 decimal of a second, minutes and up to 12 hours. Compared to your usual chronograph that times up to 30 minutes this is a big difference, not only in numbers but also considering the fact that it is quite a bit more complicated.

The white enamel dial is absolutely flawless with a sub dial on the left side with the line ‘Temps Vrai’ above meaning ‘True Time’ showing the hour and minutes of the day. On the right side we see another sub dial with ‘Compteur’ written above meaning the ‘Counter’ of the chronograph. A centered sweep chronograph seconds hand and decentralized ‘normal’ seconds hand.

The case is made of strong gun metal with thick lids closing correctly. Some wear to be found here and there but nothing unusual.

The movement shows to be made of high quality with fine finishing and large red rubies.
Winds and ticks as she should as well as the chronograph function which resets perfectly back to 12 o’clock.

Additional information




Manual wind


Gun Metal




52mm / 67mm


102 Grams