Sonnerie / Self Striking Repeater from 1800s

A rare and complicated self striking verge fusee from the 1800s. This pocket watch features an interesting feature not many pocket watches have, scroll down to read more about it.




When the minute hand passes the 12 o’clock position the watch automatically strikes the hours, and when the minute hand passes the half hour minutes position a single strike is heard. Also, when pushing down the the button on top of the pendant the watch strikes the hours.
Not to be mistaken by a ‘normal’ repeater since this watch has another winding barrel and train mechanism operating the so called ‘sonnerie’ or self-strike function.

The solid gold dial is a work of art on itself. The dial shows a number of different patterns and finishings. The outer edge shows multi-colour gold flowers.
The stunning original waved ‘spade’ hands are present. The minute hand looks to be restored at some point, hardly visible.

The 18k rose-gold case has no dents or deep scratches. The back lid closes tightly, the front lid could close a bit better/tighter.

The 1800s verge fusee movement has a hand cut balance bridge and a silver disc regulator.
The watch winds and runs smooth, runs with a solid tick.
The self-striking repeater function work just like it should. It is also possible to silence the self-striking mechanism with a small lever.

Rare piece in stunning condition!


Additional information


55mm / 64mm


116 Grams


18K Rosé Gold