Sonnerie / Self Striking Repeater pocket watch by H Godfrey

Offered from private collection, an exceptional museum piece self-striking / sonnerie repeating pocket watch made by H.Godfrey from London back in approximately 1685. Scroll down to read more about this rarity.





The condition of the timepiece is extraordinary. Especially keeping in mind this watch was made more than 300 years ago. No worth to mention damage or repairs.

This example is housed in a strong and sturdy silver case. The engraved silver case shows a couple of farms, a typical verge fusee balance bridge ‘face’ and a number of floral engravings. The case is strong and shows very little wear or damage. Classic openwork and two turning plates of silver to protect the movement from dirt and dust.

The white enamel dial with black Roman hour indication and Arabic minute indication on 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes looks very sharp with the only flaw having a small hairline in the bottom of the dial.

The verge fusee movement has a double winding mechanism, one for the movement and one for the self striking compilation.
Crafts-full design with one winding axis going through the balans bridge and balance itself. A hammer hits the bell with clear tones on every hour.
Engraved and signed by its maker; H (Henry) Godfrey, An important London born clock and watchmaker with his earliest works dating back to approx. 1675 and his latest to approx. 1705.

The piece weighs 137 grams and has a diameter of 51mm and a length of 60mm including pendant. Comes with a rare period correct silver winding key with the figure of a holy man with walking stick.

A video of the striking movement can be send upon request, as well as additional pictures or information.



Additional information


H Godfrey






Key wound




51mm / 60mm


137 Grams